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Mobile Cloud Computing

  • Manufacturing

    Elevator Remote Analysis and Repair

    Working within a larger Cloud Computing project, designed a mobile app for mechanics to analyze elevators remotely, communicate with Otis technical and business first responders, and communicate with clients before responding to a service call.
    Maintenance visits are one of the highest controllable costs for Otis. Providing mechanics with remote analysis and communication tools was estimated to decrease unplanned outages and maintenance calls.

  • Education

    Social Network for Pre-K Schools

    Working with a startup firm, Agendamate developed a social network Mobile Cloud Computing application for Pre-K schools, students, parents, and community support.
    The application included a web application for schools to maintain student enrollment, class and community events, and fundraising opportunities.
    A companion mobile app for family and friends supported students with play dates and family chat chanels. Local community businesses used the mobile app to participate in supporting school funding and events.
  • Healthcare

    IoT Application with Ventilators

    Agendamate developed business requirements for a global IoT and cloud computing system processing ventilator data for physicians, home health care workers and patients.
    A backend server was developed with the security and robustness to be able to handle the volumes of data produced by ventilator patients.
    A web application for professionals and a mobile app for patients and home healthcare workers connected reporting, communication, and remote care features.